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Performance Management is Harmful.

Traditional performance reviews, promoted by big-brand performance management systems, hurt people and the companies for whom they work. These artifacts of a bygone era place a premium on process, scores and conformity to subjective behavioral standards. Meanwhile, they discount the significance of people, goals and feedback.

In the end, these systems are bad for both companies and workers. In the hands of an inexperienced or over-tasked manager, a single rushed or haphazard performance review can permanently change the trajectory of an individual’s career and economic opportunity. Implemented in companies that must navigate change at a rapid velocity, these systems are obstacles to agility and alignment, often resulting in positive performance appraisals but poor business outcomes.

And with no evidence that these performance management practices actually improve individual goal attainment or overall business performance, they may only be viewed as biased, vacuous and ineffective. 

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way.

  • Performance should be judged by achievement, not charisma.
  • Feedback should be about goal attainment, not behavioral conformity.
  • Managers are not therapists.
  • Workers are not children.

What Do We Value?

  • People, goals and conversations over process, scores and conformity to subjective behavioral standards.
  • Goal-centric feedback over cut-and-paste life coaching.
  • Goal attainment over likeability ratings.
  • Business outcomes over gold stars.

The Mighty You Goals and Feedback Solution.

Mighty You offers the following major features and benefits:

  • Goal Management – Create goals from scratch or based on smart templates and then manage and monitor them across individuals, teams or the whole company.
  • Integrated Feedback – Deliver goal-specific feedback without leaving your email (and without leaving the goals area).
  • Achievement Analytics – Gain predictive insights into goal attainment based on multiple factors such as pace of completion, related goals and historic achievement.
  • Feedback Coaching – Mighty You analyzes feedback on the fly to identify negative sentiment and suggest constructive alternative approaches and wording.